This page is for pictures taken of shortwave radio station KNLS. KNLS is located 4 miles south of Anchor Point, Alaska and 11 miles north west of Homer, Alaska. We were there from July 1989 to May 1992.

Here is the building with the main transmitting antenna in the background. The antenna is a TCI 611. It has a forward gain of 21.7 dbi and a take off angle of around 7 to 10 degrees. The antenna is also electrically steerable plus or minus 30 degrees in 15 degree increments with 300 degrees on the compass being the center slew. When the antenna is set for 270 degrees it is aimed at Tokyo, Japan and the back of the antenna is pointing towards Altanta, Georgia. These pictures are taken from backside of the antenna looking west.
Transmitter building with antenna in background. Back corner of building and antenna.

A few more pictures of the building.
You can almost see the building. Looking North.

Inside the building. Today, programming comes from a 4mm dat tape and a Mac. The transmitter is controled by a pc. This picture did get published in a communications magazine.
KNLS Studio in 1991. Looking over the operator's shoulder toward the transmitter. Harris SW 100 A The transmitter puts out 100,000 watts.

Here is the KNLS coverage map.
KNLS coverage map.

Some outside shots and scenery.
Mount Iliamna. About 45 miles away across Cook Inlet. Broadcasting to the moon. Playing outside. We lived on site in the trailers. Sleding Plowing the parking lot. Looking toward Mount Iliamna. Looking toward Mount Redoubt. The slew switch at the bottom of the antenna.

I need to add a few more with out snow.

In 1990 Mount Redoubt erupted several times. Here are some pictures showing the clouds formed from the eruption and the ash on our snow. Not too long afterward we had 18 inches of snow and all the ash was covered up.
Mount Redoubt, 65 miles away across Cook Inlet. 9 January 1990 Just a little steam on this occasion. Evening shot. Redoubt is around 10,500 feet high. Highly abrasive ash on everything from Mount Redoubt.

The ash fallout was like someone cleaning out their fireplace and then dumping it on everything.

I am told that the two trailers were removed several years ago. There is an aditional antenna that has been added at the site. Chances of seeing new pictures of it on the KNLS site are pretty much nil as they still have pictures from 1991 and before at the link "Station Tour".

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Written 23 January 2000. Updated 26 December 2004.